Ceraheat – innovative, all-new, easy-to-maintain Finnish heater solution


Ceraheat radiates heat like the Sun. It produces soft, targeted heat whenever you feel the need for it. Ceraheatheaters represent smart Finnish design and innovation. They create an entirely new decorative solution for various heating needs both indoors and outdoors. Stylish Ceraheatheaters elegantly complement the interior of your home.

Suitable for variety of premises


Transform your balcony into a cosy extra room, which you can enjoy from early spring to late autumn. Create a warm, spa-like feeling in your bathroom using Ceraheat heaters. Our heaters will heat up your summer cottage, workshop, or greenhouse in a quick and energy-efficient manner. Ceraheat also enables prolonging the outdoor terrace season in restaurant business. Adjustment of room temperature is easily managed using a special room thermostat.


Ceraheat heaters represent Finnish interior design


Ceraheat stands for modern and minimalist Finnish design. Attention has been paid to the visual appearance of Ceraheat heaters since the very first stages of planning. In addition to functioning as a source of heat, the timelessly elegant Ceraheat harmonically complements the interior of your home.

High quality, durability, energy-efficiency


In practice, Ceraheat is reliable and virtually maintenance-free. The heater is not susceptible to corrosion and impurities and is easy to keep clean owing to its flat, smooth surface. Ceraheat heaters are designed to withstand the weather and produce heat even at extremely low temperatures. Because of their compact structure, Ceraheat heaters are long-lived and reliable. Ceraheat Classic heaters have passed TÜV and CB certification. The production of Ceraheat heaters is TÜV audited and the units are IP54 rated.