Operating principle and structure

The heat source of a Ceraheat heater is an electrically conductive ceramic heating element. The heater body is made of aluminium. Owing to its structure and manufacturing materials, the heater is rustproof and safe.


Because of their relatively higher surface temperature, Ceraheat 750 Classic / Ceraheat 1000 Classic heaters are suitable for terraces and balconies, for example. Classic models can also be used indoors if connected to a room thermostat.

Ceraheat 750 W TC / Ceraheat 1000 W TC heaters are suitable for fire hazardous spaces, since the maximum surface temperature does not exceed +90 °C. The heaters comply with official protection rating and surface temperature requirements.


Colour options

Ceraheat Classic or TC (grey-grey)

Ceraheat Classic or TC (white-grey)

Advantages of Ceraheat heaters

  • Warms up and heats quickly.
  • Soft and even heat radiation.
  • Easy ceiling or wall installation.
  • Rustproof, maintenance-free and easy to clean.
  • One heater is sufficient to heat up an approx. 15 m2 room.
  • Completely silent – no thermal expansion-related noise.
  • Stylish Finnish design.
  • Interior design-friendly appearance owing to design and colour options.
  • Protection rating IP54 – protected against dust and water splashes.
  • Excellent fire safety – no filament, no sparks.
  • The heaters retain their functionality at sub-zero temperatures.
  • Suitable for connection in series with fluorescent lights.
  • No dust (wood) ignition or dirt burning to the heating element surface.
  • Maximum surface temperatures +90 °C or +225 °C (pleasant working atmosphere near the heater).
  • Two-year warranty.