Clear savings in heating costs – targeted heat whenever you feel the need for it

Ceraheat heaters quickly produce targeted heat whenever required. Savings result from avoiding the need to heat up the entire room – you can keep the base temperature low and quickly raise it to the level required as soon as necessary.

Adjustment of indoors temperature is conveniently and easily managed using an ordinary electronic room thermostat. The infrared heat produced by Ceraheat heaters creates a cosy feeling quickly, and the heat radiates softly and evenly. Depending on circumstances, one Ceraheat heater can even be sufficient for a 15 m2 room.

Ceraheat heaters are characterised by fire safety and excellent moisture resistance – a reliable heat source for the most diverse circumstances.

Ceraheat heaters are suitable for outdoor and indoor use, dusty and moist premises – IP54 rating ensures protection against dust and water splashes. Owing to its structure and materials, the heater is rustproof, silent, and odour-free. Ceraheat retains its functionality under diverse operating conditions, including sub-zero temperatures.

Ceraheat is characterised by excellent fire safety, since dust and dirt will not ignite or burn to the heating element surface. The heater does not include filaments; there are no sparks. In case of Ceraheat Classic, the maximum temperature reached is +225 °C, which ensures a pleasant working atmosphere near the heater. In case of Ceraheat TC, the maximum surface temperature does not exceed +90 °C, which means that it complies with official electrical safety regulations with respect to protection rating and surface temperature.

CERAHEAT radiant heaters are equipped with an advanced and durable ceramic heating element. The heat source is a tempered glass-protected conductive metal oxide layer (nanotechnological coating). The heating element is not susceptible to corrosion or airborne impurities and is easy to keep clean owing to its flat, smooth surface.

Elegant Finnish design – easy ceiling or wall installation

Attention has been paid to the interior design aspects of Ceraheat heaters since the very beginning. Owing to the ceramic heating element, Ceraheat units are completely free of the red glow typical for so many infrared heaters. Owing to their discreet stylish coating and modern design, Ceraheat heaters effortlessly fit into the interior of your home.

Heater frame base colour is grey (RAL 7038). White or black frames are also available. Radiating surfaces come in grey and black – choose the colour option that suits your style.

Advantages of Ceraheat heaters as compared to traditional electrical resistance heaters

Unlike the thermal radiation produced by ordinary electrical resistance, the thermal radiation generated by Ceraheat heaters is of the long-wave type. Therefore, instead of heating the air, Ceraheat units heat the objects and people targeted.

Long-wave infrared radiation quickly induces the feeling of warmth. The infrared heat radiates softly and evenly; one Ceraheat heater is sufficient for an approx. 10-15 m2 room. While used, Ceraheat heaters are completely silent – there is no thermal expansion-related noise.